Cancun (spanish: Cancún) is one of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico. Cancun is located geographically in the east of the Yucatan peninsula, in the state of Quintana Roo, and inspires a lot of tourists with its Caribbean flair. On mile-long white sand beaches every vacation will be a dream experience.
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Besides that the city has a lot of culinary delights and local specialities to offer.

The exclusive hotel facilities are characteristic of the tourism in this Mexican city. Most luxury hotels are directly next to the Caribbean ocean. This ensures the necessary cooling in the turquoise shimmering sea water on very sunny days.

Cancun also has an international Airport, which makes a comfortable arrival possible. The inhabitants of the city are considered to be especially tourist friendly and are characterized by Mexican temperament and cordiality.

History of Cancun
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Historically relevant to the holiday paradise is the end of the 60s, which can be considered as the beginning of the city as a tourist metropolis. The process was driven forward by the president Echeverría on the Yucatan peninsula.

His objective was the creation of a paradise for tourists, that promises variety and recreation to its visitors. The president wanted to create an exciting place, the largest and most eventful the whole of Mexico, and in particular in contrast to the competing city Acapulco, located on the west coast of Mexico.

By the end of the 60s the project of the President remained an incredible vision, since Merida was still the only major city in Yucatan, the Peninsula on Caribbean Sea was selected for his project of the East as a place in close proximity to a small fishing village, called Puerto Juarez.

The name of the city „Cancun“ means snake pit in the language of the Maya. Originally the area of the city was coverd by dense jungle. This is as unimaginable today as the fact that not long ago only a small road was leading trough the area.

A high amount of financial resources were needed to make Cancun todays holiday paradise. The construction of the necessary infrastructure was major road block for the Mexican government. Finally by the 70s, the construction of the International airport started and it has become one of the biggest and important airports of the Caribbean area. Cancun – a place of many experiences Cancun attracts many tourists every day in particular, through its large repertoire of possibilities for leisure time activities and the many attractions. Places of interest On the Yucatán peninsula tourists can travel to the traces of the Maya and marvel at the relics of the people that once dominated the area. Particularly interesting are the Xenotes ( Cenotes ) . They are predominantly underground cave systems, or the visit of the ruin place Chichen Itza. This site has been declared World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO and offers a wide range of different construction methods on a very small area. A stay there can be an informative and inspiring cultural pleasure. Just in Quintana Roo state alone are more than 149 historic monuments spread across 12 villages. excursions   Sights Sport in and around Cancun Sports enthusiasts get their money's worth here too. In addition to the popular water sports such as surfing and water skiing, tourists should in particular test the diving. The amazing underwater world with an enormous biodiversity allows the divers, while snorkeling, to see unforgettable images of rare fish species, marine mammals and coral reefs.

The manifold and deep cave systems allow a true diving experience and unforgettable moments.

The Park Xel-Há is the ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts in Cancun. Those who prefer a theme park, should visit the 2009 established eco- and theme park Xplor.

For all who prefer ecological trips, there are subterranean caves and grottos which allow an unforgettable natural experience.

Just to list the most symbolic cenotes:

  • 7 Bocas / Pto. Morelos
  • 2 Ojos / Tulum
  • Gran Cenote / Tulum
  • Tak Be Ha / Tulum
  • Kantun Chi / Riviera Maya
  • Azul / Bacalar
  • Lab Na Ha / Xel Há
  • Sac Aktun / Xel Há
  • La Ponderosa / Playa del Carmen
  • Aktun Chen / Akumal
  • Holtun / Chichen Itza
  • Manatí / Tankah
Some entertainment possibilities in Cancun:

More about Buses in Cancun and the Hotel Zone/ Nightlife of Cancun Cancun has a vivid nightlife which offers a lot to its visitors such as the Coco Bongo and many other discos or the Spring Break, to which each year more than 200000 American students come, it is one of the biggest parties of the continent.

More about the nightlife of Cancun

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