Cancun driving and driving license

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Driving in Cancun is very easy to do. As in Mexico you will find left side driving and Mexicans are usually very considerate drivers, it is unlikely that you will have problems. 

The speed limit on the hotel zone streets of Cancun are located at 70 km/h. Local driver abide by the rules also. In Cancun downtown you can go 40 to 50 km/h. So far, so good. But it is a lot to consider: 

Important:Since most cars are much worse insured in Mexico, it is highly recommended that you book from an provider in your home country which provides a full insurance to rent.

  • 1. As in other cities in Mexico the downtown of Cancun partially lacks road markings. That is why sometimes taxi drivers and tourist buses drive a little funky. Normal attention while driving is however enough for a good drive.
  • 2. Warning:The streets are lined with road bumps. In the floor are suddenly very high hills. These so-called “topes” are often not immediately obvious. Go here with 10 or a maximum of 20 km/h, in order to not risk any damage to the car. The thresholds are designed to ensure that cars run slower since there are no traffic light systems for pedestrians in many places.
  • 3. Side roads are partially in a disastrous condition. big potholes and completely broken street parts are not uncommon. going fast at night can therefore be extremely dangerous.
  • 4. Refueling in Cancun and Mexico works differently than in many countries. You will travel to one of the country's existing state Pemex gas stations and a filling station attendant will fuel your car. Usually you need to take the "green" gasoline. You will not have a lot of choice in any case. Give the garage attendant 5 to 10 pesos tip, they might depend on it.
  • 5. American citizens can drive with their license, however it might useful to get a translation in to Spanish since in some areas the police might not speak enough English.

    If you are from another country make sure you get an International Driving License.

    Important: The International Driver's license is only valid together with the normal driving license, so it is essential to have both to avoid unnecessary complications when driving and no errors as many seemingly minor errors will cause costs. 
  • 6. Don't feel insecure at police roadblocks on the roads they are everywhere in Mexico. If you are unlucky you will be waved for a check out. Turn the hazard warning lights on and stay friendly.

    In the worst case, you must pay a few pesos (possibly a "bribe" ). However, most tourists are treated in a friendly and welcoming manner. If you have the desire and the time you can also insist to pay the fine at the police station. 

Cancun driving and driving license
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