Climate in Cancun

Current weather in Cancun (Mexico)   Cancun is due to the year-round tropical climate a very popular destination for tourists from all over the world. In south-eastern Mexico on the coast of the Yucatan peninsula between January and December are only small variations in temperature. The daily temperatures average between 26 and 34 °C (79-93°F). At night the thermometer rarely drops below the 20 °C (68°F) mark. The temperatures and high humidity of up to 85 % in Cancun are more bearable in particular summer months because of the constant winds.   Climate Chart Cancun (Yucatan peninsula, Mexico)
Maximum temp. °C282930323333333433312928
Minimum Temp.c212122242526262525242322
Water temperature °C252526272728292928282726
Hours of sunshine per day345675453343
Rainy days (expected)321111333299
Precipitation (mm)137465338881385711022522213296
Relative humidity ( % )807975787880807877777778
On more then 300 Days in the year the sun shines in and around Cancun. From March to August it can be enjoyed for up to ten hours every day. Ideal for a relaxing vacation at the beach. "Rainy season" from July to October: but little rain Between July and October is the rainy season in Cancun. That is why in those months there can be short but sometimes very heavy downpours and thunderstorms expected. For about 60 days a year it rains in the region Cancun.   In addition, in this period there are warnings of strong tropical cyclones. These are a concern but rarely cause large damage in the popular holiday region .   The most rainy month is October with an average of eight rainy days. In March and April, based on our experience, not much rain is expected. If it rains it usually rains much stronger than in northern countries, but the rain stops very quickly too. In addition, the Cancun region is famous for its clear and clean air. Optimum travel time for Cancun According the temperatures and weather forecasts, part of the best season to travel or time for trips are in between November and March. In this time, the temperature is pleasant and between 26 to 29 °C (79-84°F). At night it is still about 20 °C (68°F).   In addition during this time rainfall is only rarely expected. And even the water temperatures in the winter months are about 25 °C (77°F), still very pleasant. In the summer the water temperature in the Caribbean sea reaches up to 30 °C (86°F).  
Temperature: °C (32°F)
Rain probability: 0%
Wind speed: m/s
Humidity: 0%
Air pressure: hpa
Climate in Cancun
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