Emigrate to Cancun or Mexico

Gorgeous white beaches, sparkling turquoise sea, plenty of sun and the infrastructure of a large city, including direct connection to an international airport, so there is a case for Cancun as a destination for emigrants. It is therefore not surprising that not only more and more tourists come to Cancun and its surroundings, but also increasingly emigrants.

But those who bear with the idea, have long-term environment in Cancun or settle should inform themself in advance about the most important conditions for a emigration, to not experience bad surprises afterwards. Visa matters Foreigners of course need an appropriate residence permit by the Mexican authorities for a permanent stay in Mexico which is subject to the inspection of each personal case.

In most parts of Mexico, a visa shall be granted only if you already have a job offer. For Cancun and the Riviera Maya region, however there might also be granted a visa, if the applicant is still seeking work.

On the basis of the strong tourism industry, training in the tourism sector and foreign languages are a great advantage regarding a positive decision. A visa can, of course, also be granted within the framework of a family reunification or for foreigners that are married to Mexican citizens.

Or if sufficient savings or a good income from self-employed work is available.

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Employment market in Mexico and the Region Cancún

Outside of the tourist region, with the exception of international organizations and in the area of science, the search for a permanent position is rather difficult. Therefore job seekers have a clear advantages in Cancun, with its good tourist infrastructure. That makes the region in particularly interesting for foreigners who are not financially independent.

First, there are jobs in the tourism sector for example in service, like at the hotel reception, discos, restaurants and the many golf courses. On the other hand, there are a wide range of jobs in the sales area.

In addition to the sale of excursions, short trips and longer trips in the surrounding area of Cancun, sports equipment such as jet skis are also available for rent, time-share and real estate shares are sold. In addition to English and German, Russian language skills are very much in demand. Living costs In comparison to the USA and Western Europe, the living expenses are a lot cheaper, but also the wages are often times a lot lower.

Simple service workers earn around 5,000 and 10,000 MXN (Mexican Pesos) depending on the workspace and their skills. Depending on the working place tips are in addition. In sales there almost only jobs by commission or with a combination of low income and sales commission. Professionals and people in higher areas can earn significantly more.

If you have savings and income you can purchase houses or flats (from about 300,000 pesos), or cars on favorable terms. Therefore Cancun remains an attractive destination for emigrants especially for self-employed or retired people.

Cancun as a emigration destination for pensioners

Pensioners, who can demonstrate sufficient monthly income, also have the opportunity to apply for a residence permit for Cancun. This normally includes a work permit. Also the proof of sufficient possessions in Cancun can be enough for the grant of a permanent visa. About the current required amounts the authorities provide information.

Cancun has numerous partially very modern hospitals which are also equipped well for the various age-related diseases.

Emigrate to Cancun or Mexico
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