Holiday in Cancun

Cancún is one of the most popular holiday destinations of Mexico and the world. It has a population of around 900000 people in the central area and around 17,000 of floating people who comes to work on seasonal times.

Cancun is blessed and enriched by the cultural treasures of the area and is located at the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in the north of the federal state Quintana Roo.

Originally the City popular by tourists worldwide created at the drawing board. In 1969 when the government of Mexico Yucatan decided to plan a more attractive and bigger vacation city at the seas then the very successful Acapulco on the west coast.

The name of the city means in the language of the Maya "snake pit" or "goldpot". Due to the systematic urban planning you find a lot of services associated with tourism in Cancun and many hotels. However there is not a striking center nor historical buildings. But there are quite a lot of small areas to discover.

Cancún has a tropical climate and temperatures between 20 und 33 grad C (68-92°F) during the entire year. Tourists can enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Mexican Pesos and US dollars are common currencies, but the exchange rate for US dollars in smaller shops usually is very unfortunate. Mobility In and around Cancun there are several choices for transportation if you want to go on a trip to other places in Mexico. There are small buses (called Collectivos), bigger buses (usually the ADO line, starting in the central zone or downtown) taxis and two ferry services. Either towards Isla Mujeres or Cozumel. They depart from the small sea port Puerto Juárez which is located in the north next to Ciudad Cancún/Cancún City and from the port in the hotel zone (Zona Hotelera).

Another alternative of course is renting a car.

The city of Cancun and the surrounding area have much to offer to the tourists. You divide Cancún into 3 big touristic areas:

  • 1) The Island Cancun or hotel zone / Zona Hotelera
    The hotel zone is in fact a 25 km long area with long beaches which is connected with the mainland by three bridges. Here are plenty of luxury resorts and tourists can enjoy a variety of water sports, golf, tennis and more. Events for entertainment are hosted here and the island is a starting point for tours in the vicinity. For example, to the numerous Mayan ruins in the area. Find entertainment events here 
  • 2) The central zone or downtown area
    The downtown Cancun City is characterized by urban infrastructure such as Government Buildings, administrative buildings, fire and police, hospitals, dental care, markets and shopping centers.
  • 3) Puerto Juárez
    In addition to its function as a fishing port, Puerto Juárez also offers a ferry service to the Isla Mujeres ( "Island of women") where vacationers can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches and wonderful views.

Holiday in Cancun
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