Isla Mujeres

The island of women (Spanish: "Isla Mujeres") is famous for the white sandy beaches, the turquoise sea and the colorful wooden huts.


The idyllic island is not even 20 minutes by ferry from Cancun. The yellow ferries leave every half-hour in the port of the single city of the island, Mujeres City. Alternatively it is possible to travel by plane. Location: In the Gulf of Mexico, the island is approximately seven kilometers long. The widest point in Isla Mujeres measures 600 meters. 13 Kilometers in the north of the coast of the Mexican seaside resort Cancun, the island offers protection for the Yucatan peninsula. The nearby Island is one of the most popular excursion destinations you can go to from Cancun. Playa Norte: Playa Norte is located near the harbor, where the majority of the island events take place. Vacationers can find accommodation and a variety of sports and leisure facilities.

Beach holiday:

For sun worshipers, the white, sandy beaches are paradise. Water sports enthusiasts will find a wide range of activities on and under the water.

Snorkeling and diving:

The island's main attractions include the colorful underwater world. The best dive sites with giant Caribbean fish shoals are located in the under water national park Garrafon. Adventurous people can even observe sharks. A recommended destination for the whole family is the Laguna Makax where you can swim with dolphins and watch their tricks.   Diving in Cancun and the surrounding area Boat tour: Animal lovers, which want to observe the up to 14 meters long “whale sharks” from close up, can do so from the end of May till the end of September on a day trip with a boat. The plankton feeding whales can not only can be filmed or photographed, it is also possible to swim with the peaceful giants. Mobility: In addition to the golf cart, the bike is one the most popular forms to hang out and explore the island. Tourists have the possibility to rent bikes in several places for discovering the island on their own. Alternatively taxis are available for connections from A to B. A narrow road leads from one end of the island to the other. Accommodations: Around 50 hotels are on the island and family hostels invite to stay overnight. The construction of further facilities is not planned, as the island is to be spared from mass tourism. Culture: In the south of the island an old Mayan Temple invites you to visit, which once served as a lighthouse.  
Isla Mujeres
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