Popular attractions in Cancun and the surrounding area

Cancun is located on the Yucatan peninsula in the north of Mexico and has much more to offer than fantastic beaches. Even if in the first moment you may notice the many hotels and concrete buildings, the magnificent nature and excellent diving sites make everything good again.

Cancun itself is a relatively young city and there is no historic city center or a central place as in other cities of Mexico.  Old cultures The Monument El Rey is not far away from the city center of Cancun and can be easily explored.

Anyone who wants to see more of the culture, should take time for excursions with the bus or a rented car. On the Yucatan peninsula you will find many cultural places of the Mayan civilization.

Approximately 130 kilometers north of Cancun is the old port city Tulum . Unlike other Mayan places, Tulum is located next to the sea. The old fortress has impressive temple equipment, partially directly next to the water, which can be visited easily. From there you can also visit Sian Ka'an. Coba is another place you can not miss visiting. Cavern systems The Mayans not only created pyramids and temples, but also mysterious places of worship hundreds of meters deep. The Cenotes are natural, some from water flooded limestone holes, which in some places form an over one hundred kilometers long cave system. 

Partially created by man, they have been the mysterious lifelines of the Mayans. Guides and tours through the Cenotes should, for security reasons, only be conducted with experienced guides.

More about Cenotes Water- and amusement parks Theme parks such as Xel Ha, Xcaret are worth excursions to. The successful mixture of nature and amusement park guarantees a unique vacation day. 

Xcaret can be reached with buses the entire day and provides entertainment for the entire family. There you can swim with sharks or rays or watch the local wildlife during a river cruise. Fun and entertainment The 20 kilometers long hotel zone offers rooms for every budget and a lot of entertainment.

Cancun is a popular party zone for young students from America, which celebrate their spring break here. Bars and Discos are plentiful so that fans of the night can be happy.

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Popular attractions in Cancun and the surrounding area
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