Things to do in Cancun on a strict budget

Many individuals may assume that a trip to Cancun could potentially break the bank and leave holes in people’s pockets. They would be surprised to know that this does not have to be the case. It is quite possible to plan a Cancun vacation on an economical budget.

The following piece are budget-friendly options with regards to activities as well as things to do in Cancun and Cancun’s Hotel Zone.

  • 1. Visit the El Rey and the El Meco Ruins.The “El Rey” ruins are located right in the Cancun Hotel Zone. It is quite accessible with an admission price that is under $4.00 ruins. The El Rey ruins are highlighted by the iguanas that roam around the ruins.

    Additionally, visitors can check out the El Meco ruins. The El Meco Ruins are located just north of Cancun in an area that is not busy at all. The cost of admission is also under $4.00.

  • 2. Visit the Museo Maya De CancunVisitors can take a cultural trip to a museum in Cancun known as the Museo Maya De Cancun. The museum houses a unique and vast collection of Mayan artifacts. In addition, visitors can enjoy the numerous sculptures and cer amics that are located within the immediate area of the museum. The cost of admission is around $5.00. Not only does the price include access to the museum, it also includes entry to the San Miguelito ruins on the museum’s property.
  • 3.Visit the island of Isla Mujeres.The island of Isla Mujeres is a simple twenty-minute ferry ride that is great for a full day excursion during a Cancun trip. It is a wonderful exploration destination and includes a white sandy beach. In addition, there are some cheap eateries and shops located in the island’s market. The cost of admission is around $6.00 for the ferry ride.
  • 4.Visit the Dorfman Art Gallery.The Dorfman Art Gallery is located in the Plaza Kukulcan, which is located in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. Guests at the art gallery can view their exhibits for free. Art-lovers will be pleased to find beautiful paintings, sculptures and architecture influenced by the Mayans. Murals, music and poetry can be seen in the gallery as well. Renato Dorfman’s environmentally-inspired work was made in the spirit of Mexican tradition from the pre-colonial period. The gallery is also a wonderful spot for art collectors to pick up Mexican art.
  • 5. Visit Canun‘s beautiful beachesFind out about your beach-options in our article Beaches in Cancun.
  • 6. Taste some of the Mexican cuisineBesides the classical Taco and the Burrito there are many choices like the local Yucatecan food.

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Things to do in Cancun on a strict budget
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