Tips for Taking a taxi in Cancun

In almost all main-roads of Cancun you can find a taxi (cab) easily. However on rush-hours like in the morning and at the evening from 5-8 it can take around 20min to catch a empty one.

Ask before the ride how much “¿Cuánto cuesta?” Otherwise, especially if you look very touristic you might have to pay more.

If you can speak a little bit of Spanish and talk friendly to the driver you usually get a fair deal.

You can also call a Taxi with an App like QuieroTaxi or MyTaxi, however they might cost a little bit more and might have trouble with your location in some down-town areas.

Prices for taking a Taxi in Cancun

Even though there is a general rate for driving the different zones of Cancun the price also depends on the driver.

Prices from the airport to Down-Town

From Down-town to the ADO-Station it costs 50mxn

To the Central Collectivo starting point (the Playa Express starts there too) it is 50mxn.

Prices from the airport to the Hotel-zone

Range: around 500-600mxn

There is also the option to take an ADO-Bus which costs 66?mxn per Person to the ADO-Station in Cancun-Downtown.

To the Hotel-zone the bus is 10.5 mxn.

Prices in Down-Town Cancun

  • As short ride, with a Taxi stopped at the road, should cost 30-35mxn
  • Mid range it usually 40-50mxn
  • Far away like to Punta-Sam it can be around 70-80mxn

At shopping centers, some restaurants and other important spots like the ADO-station Taxis are waiting and you might be asked if you want a cab. Here you will pay more.

At Walmart for example count with an additional 20-30mxn.

At Plaza Americas it might even be charged double price. If you are willing to walk a few meters and stop a taxi passing by at the road you usually get the normal fare.

You can also use the dense network of buses and mini-buses

Prices for driving from Down-Town to the Hotel-zone

For places in the beginning of the „Zona Hotelera“ you have good price if it is around 300mxn.
Of course places further away are more expensive 400-500mxn

Prices in the Hotel-Zone

200-400mxn depending on the distance

Info: The Taxi drivers can’t go much lower in the Hotel-zone without getting in trouble.

Low-budget: Via Bus it’s only 10.5mxn per Person (Route 1 and 2, check the direction)

“Sharing Taxis“

Some of the Taxi drivers stop and ask other persons to join the ride to make a better cut.
The passengers will usually pay the same none-the-less or marginally less.

Don’t join a taxi with several unless you a really sure they are harmless. Don’t allow the driver to share the taxi. It might be a ploy to rob you with his friends!

Security of the Taxis

Most Taxis are rather old. Even if they might look new there often already is some damage.
A lot of the time only the security belts of front seats are working, because there is no law forcing
seat-belts on the passengers.

None the less most of the traffic in Cancun is not very fast. So the Taxi might not drive more then 40km / !!! miles per hour.

Many drivers are very experienced but it is always a good idea to look the person in the eye before deciding to take the ride.

What if i get robbed?

Taxi-robbings are increasing in Cancun. However if you encounter an robbing of any kind don’t argue and try to be as compliant as possible.
Even though Cancun is safer then other parts of Mexico – robbers might make use of force if you resist and they are usally armed – at least with a knife.

Preparation is the best defence against robbing.

  • Look at the driver
  • Don’t enter if the driver looks suspicious
  • Don’t sit in the front seat because there it is easier to attack you and harder to exit.
  • Notice and remember the taxi number when entering. Send this number to friend so you have something in case you get stolen.
  • If you want to be even more sure call the cab from the Hotel or with a Taxi App.


Tips for Taking a taxi in Cancun
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