Weather in Cancun (Mexico)

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The popular holiday destination Cancun in Mexico - a land of contrasts and great historical certificates, lets us dream of tropical vegetation and endless beaches, rain forest and deserts, the ancient civilizations with pyramids and temples. 

The climate in Cancun and the surrounding area has maximum temperatures of 20-30 °C. And during the day usually has around 10 hours of sun. 
The rainy season is usually from June to September but this does not mean that it rains every day. Usually there will be intermittent, but heavy showers, but then quickly afterwards the sun reappears. Water Temperature The water temperatures in Cancun allow you to swim the whole year round in 25 to 29 degrees C hot water. In the winter months the sea occasionally can be fresh. But in close proximity to the beach at low water depth it heats up quickly and at lunchtime you can then return to the shores and it is very nice for water sports activities.

Occasionally, tropical storms and hurricanes are expected from August to October, in the Caribbean. Cancun itself was however, only affected by such storms twice in the last 30 years. General Information on the climate and about storms Visiting the south of Mexico, has the advantage of pleasant temperatures all year round. With 20°C to 30°C (68-86°F) during the day it is a very pleasant trip and swimming weather in Cancun and the surrounding area. For 300 days of the year the sun is shining! 

On the contrary to the rest of the Yucatan peninsula, in Cancun a pleasant wind blows at the beaches, which is why the temperatures of 20 to 30 degrees C (68-86°F) are inviting for sunbathing and swimming. In July and August it can happen that the thermometer rises above 30 degrees Celsius (86°F). In the winter the temperatures are 25 degrees C (77°F) during the day and the cold nights show 10 to 15 degrees C (50-59°F) on the thermometer. 

Cancun is known for clean air and deep blue sky without clouds. But if on the Atlantic ocean a hurricane begins and comes even closer, the sky darkens and it shows its other side. Which, depending on the circumstances, might be a great spectacle too.

That a hurricane hits is not very likely since in the last 30 years this happened only twice. Usually the storms stay over the sea, migrate to the north and dissolve. The early warning systems are very good and a tourist has never got hurt seriously there (unless you stay despite the warning of course). Besides that there are detailed evacuation plans and procedures.

Climate in Cancun

Weather in Cancun (Mexico)
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