What should I take for a trip to Cancun?

The region Cancun has developed into a popular holiday destination. Backpacker, package and culture tourists visit this area at the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan. The journey and the stay will require some preparations to avoid surprises.


Each Cancun tourist requires a valid passport, it should still have at least six months validity. This also applies to children and young people. You also need a tourist card for the entry, called "FMT". In general this card is issued during the flight. More

Is also useful to bring some Euros but also payments with the credit card are possible almost everywhere.

If you bring a hair dryer, cell phone devices, camera batteries, etc., and you are not from the USA, you should be aware to have an adapter with a flat connector for electricity. As in all of Mexico, in Cancun the voltage is 110V, 60Hz.

Cancun has tropical climate all year, so light clothing is recommended. Only in the winter months you will need a light jacket for the evening and at night. In restaurants, cathedrals or other symbolic places appropriate clothing is expected.

For excursions to the vicinity it is convenient to have, solid shoes and a hat or an other head covering is essential. Those who travel in Cancun in between the time of the end of May to October, should take a light raincoat, because in these months it is hurricane season and heavy rains and tropical storms can be expected.

Travel health insurance is recommended. A copy of the policy should be on the trip with you. It is recommended to bring biodegradable insect repellent and sunscreen as part of the luggage.


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    See also: visa and entry in Cancun (Mexico)
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    For safety it is recommended to exchange cash in Euro or US-Dollars (for the first day). As well as one type of Credit Card (VISA/MASTERCARD). The exchange rates vary in between place to place, but getting money at an bank with the credit card is usually the best.. Besides some vending machines are not always so reliable so be prepared to try another bank – preferably HSBC or Santander.
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    Power adapter with a flat connector (if your electronics don't have the USA connector )
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    Light clothing
    Because of the high humidity one should come with more shirts than usual.
    Long trousers
    Solid shoes
    Sandals or light shoes and swimsuit
    Headgear against the sun
    and maybe rain wear
    Snorkeling and diving goggles
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    Documents of the travel health insurance. When you visit hospitals it is recommended to have a credit card.
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    (Biodegradable) insect repellent However, this may also be purchased in Cancun at Walmart, Chedraui and other supermarkets.
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    sunscreen An high sun protection factor is especially required in the beach area. If you have a favorite brand in particular it is recommended to bring it, because it is very likely you can not buy it in Cancun.
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    A good camera, because in and around Cancun there are many fantastic places for the perfect holiday photo.

What should I take for a trip to Cancun?
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