Angling and fishing in Cancun


The Mexican City Cancun located in the east of the Caribbean, is a holiday stronghold and a popular place for friends of deep sea and regular fishing.

Fishing in Cancun

The fans of angling find, in this wonderful seascape, the unique opportunity to enjoy sport fishing and fly fishing.

As a result of the nutrient rich waters, surrounded by the individual reefs, the anglers here find unique fish, which have never been seen before. Many little-exploited sections have developed and maintained a unique biodiversity.

The Barracuda, the nice sailfish, King mackerel and blue marlin are packed in these Caribbean waters.

In various institutions it is possible to charter a ship and to purchase all necessary fishing-utilities and a fishing license.

Also special fishing lodges and guides have adjusted to cater the needs of the angler.

Each year in Puerto Morelos there are professional tournaments and competitions.

Popular fishing spots

One of the most popular places for anglers is the bay of Akumal. Here are various service providers which rent and sell the necessary utensils for fishing and deep-sea fishing.

You can also fish and catch the sea bass, the garfish, the grouper and the Pompano from the beach with a simple rod.

Many fish, such as the grouper, tuna fish, the Bagrewels, have their home here.

Lonely fishing:

Fishing away from the masses of tourists is the secret dream of many angling enthusiasts.

With some experience and good preparation it is possible to find beautiful angling grounds in Cancun, for an intense fishing experience.

The angling and fishing on the open sea, and on the various islands can be carried out throughout the whole year.

Angling and fishing in Cancun
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