Cancun nightlife and discos

Cancun offers the night owls everything their heart desires. Discos, lounge bars, restaurants and clubs with live music are plentiful in Cancun. And all of this with the special flair of the Caribbean. Many of the locations are among the hotels in the hotel zone ("Zona hotelera"). Discos in Cancun The over 20 discos in Cancun are among the best and most popular of the international club scene. This is not only due to the excellent DJs, which play in discos like the the Dady 'O, the Coco Bongo and the Bulldog Café, but also because of the acrobatics, light and laser shows as well as numerous live events that these locations offer. Bars in Cancun Those who want a more quite evening can visit one of the countless Bars in Cancun. Bars like the Nectar or the Thai Lounge invite to cocktails and conversations in lounge atmosphere. Other bars such as the Senor Frogs and Carlos n' Charlies in contrast are filled with a great party atmosphere until the morning hours.   Live Clubs In a city such as Cancun the visitor will of course also find good live music. Especially the fans of Salsa and Merengue find good live bands in the Azucar. However rock fans are at home in The Bulldog Café or the Dady Rock. Restaurants Cancun's restaurants offer excellent cuisine. The restaurants La Habichuela and Peter's pamper you with the best Mexican cuisine. Fans of French food are in the right place in Du Mexique.

Something more unusual is offered at the Tempo by Martin Berasategui with top bascque dishes. Of course the lover of other cuisines finds a rich offering, like Italian, American, Caribean, Indian, Thai or other asiatic restaurants, just to name a few.   Spring Break One of the highlights of the nightlife in Cancun is Spring Break. Countless students flow from the United States to Cancun and celebrate the end of the winter semester with a nonstop party. Just right for people who want to have a wild party.

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Cancun nightlife and discos
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