In the deep underworld of Yucatan Cenotes or sinkholes are thousands of years old underground limestone caverns or caves. They have been formed by the time Yucatan was still under water. Storms, rain and breakings of the limestone and the reduction of the sea level formed beautiful dripstone caves. Their colors, their stalactites and stalagmites form a true fairy-tale underground world.

Some of the Cenotes are water holes open to the sky. You can swim and snorkel there. In others you can only dive with equipment under the leadership of professional local cave divers. 

There are thousands of these Cenotes existing all over the peninsula. And only some are discovered, while the others still hidden and unknown. For the Mayans these caves have been important water reservoirs.

Besides that they were also sacred places. Ceremonies for the gods were held there. Today researchers still find offerings for the gods and human bones in some of them. The word Cenote is derived from the Mayan word "ts`onot" which means “holy source”. The Most Beautiful Cenotes in the area of Cancun Very well-known is the Cenote Dos Ojos. It is located south of Playa del Carmen in the jungle. The researched part of the cave system is more than 60 kilometers long. It is one of the largest in the world, the water is crystal clear and there are a number of large stalactites and stalagmites. 

In the vicinity Cuzama are located the three Cenotes, Chelentún, Chansinic'che and Bolonchoojol. They can be comfortably reached in a kind of Mexican rickshaw or by a horse-drawn cart. In all three you can swim in wonderful, turquoise, refreshing water. Daring locals even jump from the top of the cave. 

Aktun Chen, about 100 kilometers south of Cancun near Tulum, is a mecca for cave divers. But you can explore in the 400 hectare region of large caves on foot also. Local guides show the way through the greenish glowing underground labyrinth. But also above the earth Aktun Chen is interesting. In the forest reserve live countless numbers of animals, there is also a special snake house.  

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